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Social Report


Social Welfare and Disaster Relief Activities

Hitachi Chemical donates to welfare facilities and disaster relief funds and engages in volunteer social welfare activities in the communities where we operate in Japan and overseas. We also donate money and our products for various disaster relief efforts. In 2018, we donated money for victims of the heavy rain disaster caused by Typhoon Prapiroon and related fronts in July and to those affected by the earthquake that struck eastern Iburi in Hokkaido in September.

Social Event at Retirement Home (Suzhou, China)

China is on the way to becoming an aging society. Hitachi Chemical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. planned a volunteer activity named “let's hold the hands of the elderly and warm their hearts.” In October 2017, January 2018, and March 2019, at a retirement home at the nearby office.

Volunteers socialized with residents over fruit and sweets they had brought as gifts and watched a local theater performance together. The event provided a rare and welcome opportunity to socialize with senior citizens. Hitachi Chemical (Suzhou) plans to run these volunteer events, before the Chinese New Year and Senior Citizens’ Day.

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