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September 13, 2011
Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.

Developed "UHF Ultra-Small Package Tag" and Starting Sample Shipment from October, 2011
Excellent Durability Realizes Ultra-Small RFID Tag Applicable to Wide Range of Products

Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo; President and CEO: Kazuyuki Tanaka; Capital: 15.5 billion yen; hereinafter referred to as "Hitachi Chemical") has co-developed with Hitachi, Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo; President and CEO: Hiroaki Nakanishi; hereinafter referred to as "Hitachi") a price-competitive UHF ultra-small package tag with excellent durability for wide range of applications. Sample shipment of the tag to domestic and international markets starts from October, 2011. Hitachi Chemical plans to establish mass production capacity by January, 2012 and to market it as the N Model Series of "μ-chip(note 1)" from February of the same year. Hitachi Chemical is focusing on the expansion of this package tag in traceability applications for various components or products, and in authenticity check applications.

Since RFIDs facilitate the efficient management of financial documents, plant assets, store inventories, etc., their market is expanding and RFID systems using the HF, UHF and Microwave frequencies are utilized today worldwide. In addition to the present mainstream HF frequency, use of the UHF frequency, which enables both short and long communication ranges and is significantly increasing globally, is expected to expand to various applications. However, the UHF frequency formerly required a larger antenna, making it difficult to attach it to small components, hence asking for a very small RFID tag to expand the application fields.

Hitachi Chemical has co-developed the "UHF ultra-small package tag" with Hitachi by merging the semiconductor packaging technologies of the Hitachi group, in addition to applying the antenna design technologies and semiconductor material technologies both established for the Microwave frequency "μ-chip". Though the product is an ultra-small tag minimum 2.5mm square and 0.3mm thick in size, it contains an antenna and realizes a communication range of 20mm with a generic RFID reader. The communication range can be extended to several meters when an external antenna is connected. As semiconductor materials are used for the package to ensure durability equivalent to that of standard surface-mount devices, the tag can even be applied to injection molding and board packaging process. Embedding in a semiconductor package or mounting on a printed wiring board will enable authenticity checks of illegal outflow or illegal modifications to be carried as well as facilitating production process control. It can also be attached to small products such as medical equipment and reagent bottles, thereby increasing tag applications.

Hitachi Chemical envisages that the sales price of the "UHF ultra-small package tag" will be 10 yen level per unit for one million units, and aims to attain sales of 500 million yen in fiscal year 2015.

The product will be on exhibition during "CEATEC JAPAN 2011” to be held from October 4 until October 7 at the Electronics Suite Booth No. 7H13 in Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 7.

Note 1. "μ-chip" is a trademark or a registered trademark of Hitachi in Japan and/or other countries worldwide.

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