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Automotive Products

Molded plastics

Image of Molded plastics

Molded plastics, mode of a variety of plastic materials, are used in a wide range of applications, such as structural materials, functional parts, precision parts, and other items for automotive parts,industrial machine parts, and small precision parts.

Sheet-formed products

Image of Sheet-formed products

Because of the wide variety of products ranging from olefin to styrene resins and because of our outstanding extrusion technology, multi-purpose poly-sheets can be used in a wide range of items from home to industrial engineering.

Carbon Sliding Materials -HITALOCK

Image of Carbon Sliding Materials -HITALOCK

Carbon sliding materials have high self-lubricating qualities, and in addition, are excellent in thermal and chemical resistances. Such carbon materials have been used more widely as sliding material in many fields. Recently, they are used in paticular for anti-pollution purposes. Having started very early the development and manufacture of carbon materials in various many kinds, Hitachi are providing quality carbon products to meet the needs and demands from many different fields.

SPD Film -LCF-1103DHA

Image of SPD Film -LCF-1103DHA

Hitachi Chemical's SPD Film provides exceptional comfort because it allows users to quickly control the amount of light, glare and heat passing through windows and other "SPD-Smart" products. Highlights of SPD Film sales include a very large installation in a conference room and classrooms at Indiana University.

Protective Film for Automotive Body

Image of Protective Film for Automotive Body

This adhesive film has an excellent protective function, or less effective to the painted layer, and environmental-friendly in comparison with the usual protection wax. It has a good weather resistance and great workability also.

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