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Solder ResistPhotosensitive Solder Resist Film
FZ Series for PKG

Image of Photosensitive Solder Resist Film "RAYTEC" FZ Series for PKG

FZ series are dry film type photosensitive solder resist with high reliability developed for PKG, which have excellent HAST resistance and TCT resistance, etc.


  • This solder resist has high reliability such as excellent HAST resistance and TCT resistance.
  • This solder resist enable smooth surface, thin thickness and low warpage.
  • This solder resist forms fine opening pattern and be compatible for direct imaging exposure.
Photo characteristics
Item Condition Unit FZ-2700GA
Exposure energy*1 ST=11/41 mJ/cm2 250
Resolution*2*3*4 Opening pattern μmΦ 40
Tg TMA / DMA °C 150-160 / 180-190
CTE(α1 / α2) TMA ppm/°C 32 / -
Elastic modulus Tensile method S-S, 23°C MPa 3000-4000
Tensile strength MPa 100
Elongation % 4.5
Resistance to HAST 130°C/85%RH/6V/200hrs - Pass
(L/S = 8 / 8μm)
Resistance to TCT -65°C/150°C/1000cycles - Pass
Available upon request for film thickness
41-step tablet(Film mask)
Photo mask:Test pattern for Hitachi RAYTEC(Film mask)
Exposed by collimated light type, ST=11/41
Film thickness: 15Ám

Opening pattern of FZ-2700GA
(Film thickness:15μm), Φ40μm

HAST result of FZ-2700GA

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