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Functional Films

Advanced Films

Image of Advanced Films

HITALEX protects the subject's surface, which is Name-plate, Coating plate, Resin plate, etc., from scratches, and it also improves the lubricating ability between the subjects and molds at the processing, like the bending and the drawing. And we offer the protect film of optical film, dicing tape, and masking film for a plating process, etc.


Image of RFID Tag

Hitachi Chemical is supporting UHF RFID products, custom RFID tag design and manufacturing just for that purpose. Hitachi Chemical's RFID products are very unique and flexible for converting to various kind of RFID, especially for harsh environment and special usage which has not been supported with conventional type of RFID.

Foam Products

Image of Foam Products

Polyethylene foam has excellent insulation resistance and shock-absorbing properties, almost no water absorption, absorbency, secondary processing is easy.

Food Wrap

Image of Food Wrap

Our products are excellent in cling and transparency. We offer products for various applications, starting with “Hitachi wrap” professionals love, “Hitachi wrap blue type” to meet with the needs of food safety control and “Hitachi wrap” for consumer use and all.

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