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Semiconductor Related Materials

CMP Slurry <GPX>

Image of CMP Slurry <GPX>

GPX is a polishing slurry for CMP(Chemical Mechanical Planarization). GPX achieves excellent polishing performance, is applicable to finer patterns and suitable for the fabrication of semiconductor devices.
This unique slurry series is also available for various applications except semiconductor devices.

High Heat Resistant Fine Polyimides for VLSI

Image of High Heat Resistant Fine Polyimides for VLSI

Non photosensitive polyimide (PIQ, PIX, PI series) can be patterned using a lithographic process in conjunction with liquid photoresist. Photosensitive polyimide (PL, HD, PI series) is light-sensitive and readily patterned without the use of photoresist, further simplifying the fabrication processes with solvent and aqueous developers. They are applicable for 300mm wafer and wafer level CSP.

PIQ, PIX, PI, PL, HD series are manufactured and marketed by HD MicroSystems. Click on the link below.

Photosensitive Insulation Coating

Image of Photosensitive Insulation Coating

AH series is photosensitive and low temperature curable insulation coating. It can be patterned via photolithography and provides excellent film properties even by low temperature cure.

Die Bonding Paste <EPINAL>

Image of Die Bonding Paste <EPINAL>

For lead frames have been continue to be used for more than 20 years on behalf of the Au/Si eutectic alloy. For organic substrate is a die bonding paste with excellent adhesion to various substrates.

Die Bonding Film <HIATTACH>

Image of Die Bonding Film <HIATTACH>

HS Series is a die bonding film essential to the assembly of high-performance package Stacked MCP, the new CSP, etc.. FH series is integrated film that combines the functions of die bonding film and dicing tape.

Epoxy Molding Compounds <CEL>

Image of Epoxy Molding Compounds <CEL>

For epoxy molding compounds of Hitachi Chemical, has the share of world-class. We use the high technology that we have developed so far, and following the diversification of semiconductor package, we will continue to offer products in line with the request of our customers.

Liquid Encapsulants

Image of Liquid Encapsulants

Hitachi Chemical has a top-level market share in epoxy molding compounds. Our products meet the customers' demands and the changes of package trends.

Cleaning Sheet for Semiconductor Encapsulation Molding Die

Image of Cleaning Sheet for Semiconductor Encapsulation Molding Die

N-CS series is sheet type cleaning materials which removes stains from molding die for semiconductor encapsulation. With higher cleaning performance, it can reduce the time to clean-up molding die, compared with conventional cleaning compounds.

High Heat Resistant Coating Materials <HIMAL>

Image of High Heat Resistant Coating Materials <HIMAL>

HL series is a high heat resistant coating material which forms high reliable film simply by drying the solvent at below 200°C. This film is suitable for various electronic parts and semiconductor devices by excellent flexibility, toughness and low warpage. In addition, HL Series can be used to improve adhesion between molding compounds and substrate, for improving reliability.

Map Molding Support Tape

Image of Map Molding Support Tape

RT series is used in the map molding process of semiconductor packages such as QFN and SON. Attaching on the reverse face of a lead frame, RT series has achieved no flush burr after molding and high productivity in wire bonding. The applications have been expanded to new packages besides QFN and SON.

Release Sheet

Image of Release Sheet

RM-4100 reduces the flash burr in molding QFN etc. package.

Dicing Film

Image of Dicing Film

Dicing film is an adhesive tape to hold and protect semiconductor wafers from the dicing process to the pickup process. Especially this stretchable film improves the efficiency in the pickup process. Various grades are available to suit the cutting method and the chip size.

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